Quick Answer: Why Does Steve Feel Like His Already Has The Word Monster Tattooed On His Forehead?

Why does Steve cry at night?

What causes Steve to cry at night.

Steve cries because he is in jail.

He chooses to cry at night, so the other inmates won’t hear him and they won’t beat him up for crying.

His experiences in jail does not seem real to him; he feels like he is in a movie..

How did Alguinaldo Nesbitt die?

On December 23rd, Alguinaldo Nesbitt, owner of a drugstore in Harlem, was found dead of a gunshot wound in his store.

Does O’Brien think Steve is guilty or innocent?

O’Brien’s doubt about Steve’s actual innocence is confirmed when, after they win the case and Steve is found not guilty, she stiffly refuses his attempt to hug her in gratitude and happiness, suggesting that even though she defended his innocence and genuinely did her best to understand him, she does not regard him …

Who is Mr Sawicki?

Mr. Sawicki is a teacher at Steve’s high school and his film club mentor. He is a strong character witness at Steve’s trial.

What does Steve think about as he is mopping that makes him want to throw up?

Steve mentions that the odor from the disinfectant starts to make him gag, and he tries his best to keep from vomiting. While he’s mopping, Steve begins to think about what his attorney, Kathy O’Brien, told him about trying to make himself seem different in the eyes of the jury.

Why is it best to cry at night while someone is screaming monster?

Steve states that the best time to cry is at night because, normally, someone is being attacked and if the noise of the attack is loud enough no one would be able to hear you cry. Steve is fearful that if someone hears you cry that you will be seen as weak and that you will be the next one to get attacked.

Why does Steve refer to himself as a monster?

Which of the following statements best describes why Steve refers to himself as a “Monster”? It is James King’s nickname on the streets. It relates to the feeling that permanently goes along with being in jail. It is what the district attorney called Steve.

Why is Steve Harmon innocent in the book monster?

During a robbery of a drug store, the owner was shot and killed, and Harmon is under suspicion. However, he is innocent because the state’s witnesses can’t be trusted, there was no proof he was there, and he never completed his supposed task. All of this proves that Steve Harmon is innocent.

Is Monster based on a true story?

Harmon’s story in Monster is one audience will recognize from many real-life cases, but the film is based on the 1999 award-winning young adult novel of the same name by Walter Dean Myers.

What do the flashbacks reveal about Steve?

Flashback, rock throwing incident, 41-43: This scene reveals that Steve avoids responsibility. He threw the rock that hit the lady, but when the tough guy asked “who threw that,” Steve said “Tony. Run.” This made it seem like Tony threw the rock. Steve did not take responsibility for his actions.

Why did O’Brien not hug Steve?

She even encouraged him to lie on the witness by saying that he was out filming for his upcoming project on the day of the robbery. O’Brien knows that Steve is guilty, which is why she views with disgust and rejects his hug.

How does Steve see himself in Monster?

Steve sees himself as a good person but is confused about his true identity and the bad decisions he’s made. Throughout his time in prison, Steve begins to have doubts about his morality and character. Steve is influenced by the comments of his fellow inmates and says, “I want to look like a good person.

What main points does Briggs make in his closing arguments to the jury?

What main points does Briggs make in his closing arguments to the jury? The only way for him is to look around and find somebody else to accuse. The only witness said she saw Mr. King at the store.

Is James King innocent?

James King is man in his mid-20s, charged with the same felony murder as Steve over the death of Mr. Nesbitt. … King is ultimately deemed guilty of felony murder for Mr. Nesbitt’s death.

How is her testimony discredited by Briggs?

Asa Briggs attempted to discredit Lorelle Henry’s testimony by getting her to admit that she was unsure when she identified James King as the person involved in the robbery. Briggs made it seem like the police gave Henry a few photographs and encouraged her to identify James King by placing him next to five suspects.

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