Quick Answer: Who Has Better Betta Fish Petco Or Petsmart?

Where do Petsmart betta fish come from?

They get theirs from Singapore I think they said.

But they also said that different stores may be sourced by different areas..

Can I buy a fish at Petsmart?

Pet Fish for Sale: Tropical and Freshwater Fish | PetSmart.

Do fishes sleep?

While fish do not sleep in the same way that land mammals sleep, most fish do rest. Research shows that fish may reduce their activity and metabolism while remaining alert to danger.

Is it bad to buy Betta from Petco?

Yes, it’s okay to buy bettas from chain pet stores.

Does Petco have good fish?

Local Petco, has a great staff, and have great fish. Local Petsmart, killed my friend’s tank, and typically you always see dead fish. LFS 1 – It looks like they have good fish, my friend is fighting of a fungal outbreak after bringing home a couple fish from there. LFS 2 – I have had good experience with.

How old are betta fish at Petsmart?

Pet store male bettas (PetSmart, petco) generally tend to be past their breeding prime, they tend to wait longer to ship them out, as Kytkattin said above, which results in fish with longer and more devoleved finnage… So generally around 8 months to a year old.

Is it bad to buy a betta fish?

Betta fish can experience frustration and depression. While most of them can be happy in a tank alone, their environment still needs plenty of enrichment, such as caves, plants, and room to explore. They also experience stress—especially when their fins are picked at by other noncompatible fish placed in the same tank.

Can guppies live with bettas?

So to conclude this article: yes, guppies and betta fish can live in the same aquarium. You will have a bit more work feeding your betta separately and you will also need to purchase live plants, but it is doable.

Where is the best place to get a betta fish?

Best Place To Buy Healthy Betta Fish OnlineThe Consolidated Fish Farms Inc.Amazon.Petco.Aquabid.Aqua Imports.eBay.Liveaquaria.That Pet Place.More items…

Does Walmart still sell betta fish?

Walmart will no longer sell live fish. Walmart is discontinuing the sale of live fish. The world’s largest retailer once sold live fish at an estimated 1,700 stores.

Why is my new betta fish not swimming?

Swim Bladder Problems, Constipation, & Other Illnesses If you notice that your Betta fish is still alive, but not moving, and probably tilted to one side, it probably has a swim bladder issue. Swim bladder issues with Betta fish are most often caused by overfeeding and constipation.

How long do Petco bettas live?

3 yearsBetta FactsAverage Adult Size2 1/2 inches long, not including tailAverage Life Spanup to 3 years with proper careDietcarnivoreMinimum Aquarium Size1/4+ gallonsWater Temperature:72-82°F

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